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Nemmara - home to the world famous festival “Nemmara Vallanghi Vela..."

Nemmara is a town in Palakkad district of Kerala state, India. It is especially famous for its festival “Nemmara Vallanghi Vela", which includes religious ceremonies, cultutral events, fireworks, and grand processions of decorated elephants accompanied with the traditional instrumental music.

All in all, the charm of Nemmara Vallanghi Vela and its splendid display brings blessings of the goddess Nellikulangara Bhagwathi and happiness to all very year in the month of April.

Nemmara and Vallanghi form the two parts of this town. Nemmara is also the entry point to the scenic and beautiful Nelliampathi hills, which is situated 30 km away and is famous for its flora and fauna. The other tourist attraction spot is Pothundi dam, which is 9 km from Nemmara on the route to Nelliampathi.

Nemmara and Vallanghi were important trade centers in the past, and were under the Kochi kingdom before independence. In fact, the name Nemmara is believed to have originated from the words 'Nai maariya ooru' meaning the place where ghee was traded. It is also believed that the name "Nemmara" or "Nenmara" originated from the words "Nenmaniyude Ara", which means "The Store Room of Rice". This is because of the importance of agriculture and the large amounts of food grains produced here.